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A Small Black and Brown Dog in a Moving box

5 Tips to Make Moving With Pets Easier

January 31, 2023


The process of moving can be quite a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you’re excited about starting a new chapter in your life and creating new memories that you can cherish forever. On the other hand, you’ve got about a million boxes that you have to pack up. You must also get a moving truck, tie loose ends with your soon-to-be old home, etc. This experience can be highly stressful, especially for your four-legged fur friend. We love our little furballs as much as you do, so we wanted to share some helpful tips to make a move with pets even easier.

Let Them Know Change is Happening

Okay, you’re probably reading this header and thinking, “pets don’t understand English! How can I tell my pet know we’re moving?”. Believe it or not, pets can notice changes happening. To help them understand, place boxes and suitcases around the house. The sights, smells and sounds of you moving can help them gradually ease into the rigors of it.

Stack of Moving Boxes

Do Not Break Routine

Pets need to do things a certain way throughout the day. Breaking away from their daily routine can lead to high anxiety and stress levels, which could cause significant health problems. Avoid stress by sticking to your daily routine with your pet every day.

Plan Ahead

A wise man once said that an hour of planning could save you 10 hours of doing, and this quote applies to moving with your furry companion. Take some time out of your schedule to plan out the big move. Start mapping out the transportation. Find out if flying or driving is right for you and your pet. If you’re driving, check out parks and pet-friendly hotels along your route to your new nest. You can even plan ahead of arriving at your new home by looking into local veterinarians in the area, working on transferring health records and more.


No, we’re not talking about reading the one-person monologue you wrote or making your pet watch the movie Titanic for the 700th time in a row. Instead, try figuring out what keeps your pet entertained. Whether it’s some cat nip, their favorite ball or even a game of find the treat, keeping your pet entertained will help alleviate any anxiety they could experience before or during the trek to your new home.

Dog Being Entertained by its Bone

Invest in Calming Supplements

Sometimes, the use of toys and planning is not enough when it comes to calming your fur baby down. You may need to use supplements to help your pet cope with moving. Use aromatic oils like lavender, or look into treats with CBD. The latter option is controversial since there are few regulated studies on its effects, so before you decide to go down the route of CBD, consult with your veterinarian first and do as much research as possible.

We understand that moving with your beloved pets can be highly stressful, so we want to do anything we can to help, like creating this helpful list. As the premier realtors in Chester County, PA, we at Anne Townes Team pride ourselves on being helpful, honest and knowledgeable people, and when it comes to finding your next home, we’d love to assist you! If you want to get the home of your dreams, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!