15 of the Best Restaurants to Visit in West Chester PA


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15 Restaurants You Need to Visit in West Chester, PA

February 14, 2022


West Chester is consistently rated as one of the best places to live in Pennsylvania, so it is no surprise to the residents that many people want to move there. While this suburban paradise is known for exceptional public schools, diversity, and ample green space, many people forget to mention the vibrant gastronomy. Check out some of the best restaurants in West Chester, PA, below to see what the local food scene has to offer.

Pietro’s Prime

Every city has to have a go-to steak and seafood restaurant. Pietro’s Prime holds that title for West Chester. It’s been one of the most-loved restaurants in the city since its beginning over 80 years ago. With a history like that, nobody can doubt the food or the service.

The Split Rail Tavern

The Split Rail Tavern is a classy local place for craft beer, cocktails, and mouthwatering starters. However, you shouldn’t stop with the appetizers here as The Split Rail Tavern has an incredible entrée menu served in the evenings.


To the locals, Andiario is the hidden gem of West Chester. This chic restaurant creates an intimate atmosphere for its guests, who get to enjoy one of the premier dinners in the region. The menu is constantly changing with the seasons as it uses local ingredients.

The High Street Caffe

When locals are craving southern-style cooking, they go to this local Cajun hotspot. The High Street Caffe serves mouth-watering mains cooked to perfection that’ll have you wanting to return for weeks. While the High Street Caffe is a BYOB restaurant, they also have a well-respected cocktail menu.

Lorenzo and Son’s Pizza

There’s no shortage of delicious food at Lorenzo and Son’s in West Chester, from giant pizza slices to mouth-watering cheesesteaks. With a variety that includes everything from Sicilian pies to personal pizzas to sandwiches and salads. Get it delivered or stop in for a slice!

Core De Roma Trattoria

What’s not to love about a cozy, intimate family-owned Trattoria? You’ll find that Core de Roma has everything you need for an unforgettable meal. Their signature dishes include the all too tempting Artichokes Alle Romane and Saltimbocca, but many other delicious options are on their menu.


If you’re in West Chester and looking for authentic Mexican food, Tacomar is the answer. Tacomar has set up its service beautifully with The Burrito Bar, The Taco Stand, and The Baja Grill allowing clients to taste a variety of Mexican classics.

The Market Street Grill

West Chester locals know that one of the best breakfasts in the city and the Main Line region is found at The Market Street grill. This local hotspot serves both traditional and new, creative American-style breakfasts.


For Italian food lovers, Limoncello is the place to go. The inviting interior and sidewalk dining offer the perfect place to enjoy authentic Italian dishes that have been handed down through the family. What’s more, Limoncello offers one of the best family-style take-out options in the area.


Kooma Japanese Fusion Restaurant is the place to go if you’re looking for a menu full of unique and creative dishes that will leave your mouth watering. The stylish décor can’t be missed, with its modern feel standing out in contrast against all things Asian-fusion styled!

Opa Taverna

Opa Taverna is a cozy spot for fresh Greek food. Opa Taverna has everything you could wish for in a Mediterranean dining experience, from gyros to souvlaki to grilled fish. It has an extensive and creative cocktail menu to go with your brunch or dinner.


No food scene is complete without the local Asian hot spot. Wasabi offers a no-frills experience to anybody who’s craving sushi. On top of the standard array of sushi, Wasabi has plenty of Chinese and Thai options.

La Tartine

La Tartine is the place to go when you’re craving some authentic Mediterranean cuisine. With crepes, falafel and more on their menu, there are plenty of options for every taste bud! Plus, they offer gluten-free foods, so even those with special dietary needs can enjoy themselves here.

Más Mexicali Cantina

If you’re looking for a combination of atmosphere and good food, Más Mexicali Cantina is your spot. Whether you want to enjoy some tacos on the rooftop, eat a burrito at a curbside table, or enjoy some fajitas and a margarita inside, Más has it all.


Although known as an Italian restaurant, Mercato is much more. It serves oven-fired pizzas and classic Italian dishes combined with craft cocktails. What’s more, they host banquets and have a quality takeout menu.

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